Paul Thurott has an interesting habit of posting a list of his current hardware/software that he is using at various times in the year. I thought I would try the same, as my needs as a support/field service guy are quite a bit different than your average user.


This is the first place that things are a bit different from the average guy. Since I have to handle multiple operating systems going back to DOS, I have multiple computers. My primary computer is a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. I have a couple of docks in the office, so I can move from a 3 screen setup to a 2 screen setup on my walking desk. I also carry some portable screens with me on most trips so that I can get full productivity while on the road. I also keep a Lenovo W520 as my “big guy” because it has all the ports. The SP3 has one USB3 port and everything has to go through it. The 520 has 4, and so it’s not a problem to connect up to most anything. I also keep a IBM T40 running Win98/Dos. The 520 gets used a fair amount for jobs that require a full laptop, but the T40 is strictly in a crash bag for service calls where I need the old software. I also have a Lenovo K series desktop with dual video cards and a 1T hard drive along with a 250Gb SSD running Win10 Preview (now Win10). That is kind of my test unit, although I am typing this on Win10 now. I used to be a Thinkpad guy, but I feel since Lenovo took them over, they are more a consumer machine than a professional one.


I use Microsoft Office exclusively, with a Office 365 Business subscription. My personal email goes through this, and my company email is run through Google for Business. I have found that the Google for Business email has exceptional uptime and is quite flexible. I have looked at some alternatives, but never found anything that warranted a change (and the accompanying xfter of 6 years worth of email. For accounting software, I use AccountEdge, for  no other reason than it is what I started out with 20 years ago. There are undoubtedly better software packages out there, but I know (mostly) how to use this, as do my people.


I am a Windows Phone guy. My current phone is Lumia 1520, which is tied to a Microsoft Band ( I do not recommend this with the Band 2.0 comming out soon) and a Plantronics Edge Bluetooth headset. My mechanic got one, and called me while doing a full power run up on a 300 hp plane with the door open. I asked him why he was shouting, because I couldn’t hear the engine or prop at all, the noise cancelling is that good. My backup phone is a Lumia 1020, which is also my primary camera. Both of these are on AT&T, with my Aux Backup phone being a iPhone6 on Verizon. Having phones on two different networks can be a lifesaver at times. I also use Google Voice for additional lines.


I use WordPress for websites now, designed by Haden Interactive. I previously used Dreamweaver, and for a while wrote my own websites. The world has moved on, and I find that I am better off with someone else doing this. It still makes me somewhat nervous not having the reins myself though.


So, that’s an overview. I will update this from time to time, depending on what I am using and changes that happen.