It’s always a good question to start with. My purpose with this site is to get some of the thoughts I have had over the years of working with clients out into the open. Some of the good things, some of the mistakes and some of the stuff that makes you just stare in amazement. I think as an engineering consultant, I get to see organizations at the high stress point. People who call me are usually in trouble, they are down, may have been down for days (weeks sometimes). This leaves very little room for pretense.

It’s a different world out there from when I started in engineering. Some of the changes are for the better, some of them are astoundingly short sighted at best, and positively penny-wise and pound-foolish at worse. If I can get some people to start thinking about what they are doing, and why they are doing it this way, then I will be happy (or perhaps content, happy might be too strong).  This site is not only for engineers, but for the folks who manage them.

Not all of the post will be about engineering, industry or such. I intend to hit a wide range of subjects, and will hopefully be less boring than it may sound. Comments are welcome, although they may never show up, I will certainly see them.

Off we go!