I have been getting more and more upset about this as the week goes on. It’s not particularly because I have a problem with the NRA, although I do. I am a member of two different gun organizations who support responsible ownership of firearms without advocating positions that I don’t feel are unconscionable. My problem is with FedEx. I have been a FedEx customer for 30 years or so, and currently clock up six figures worth of shipping charges a year through my companies and companies that ship on my behalf. I have been using Fedex as my default shipping company for years, because I felt they did a better job than the guys who write OOPS on the side of their trucks. Over the last 10 years or so, that difference has gotten narrow enough that is now inconsequential.

What I don’t get after 30 years of business and $100,000+ worth of shipping a year is a 26% discount on my shipping. I get a 5% discount from Amex on FedEx, but nothing like 26%. When I asked FedEx about this, I got a 90 second statement that was absolutely free of meaning.

So I am not going to say I am going to boycott FedEx. In today’s world, that is very nearly impossible. What I will say is that, given the choice, I will make a different choice than FedEx. Instead of having a bias toward FedEx, I will now have a bias against them. That may only be a 30% shift in business, but it will be there. If being a member of the NRA is more important to FedEx than 30 years worth of a business relationship, then so be it.

And next time boys, own your position, don’t blow 90 seconds of smoke up my ass.