In a previous post, I listed how we made it to this point. Now I would like to talk about using the iPhone 6s (on ATT) as a business phone. I have been using this about 2 weeks so far, not long enough to have all the answers, but I have had a 6 as a backup to my Windows Phone for years, so it’s not like I don’t know the platform either.

My usual rig is a Plantronics Edge BT Earpiece with the phone of my choice. Here, changing from WM to the iPhone 6s was not a big deal. I moved all of my email over to it after loading Microsoft Office onto the phone (much superior to the native Apple mail app in my opinion). My phone book was populated automagically, as I keep my contacts on my paid Google for Business email accounts.

The Good

The iPhone 6s is a fast phone, with good storage (if you pay for it) and a universe of high quality apps to do anything with. Since I have kept an iPhone 6 as a backup, I had not actually missed these apps on my primary phone, but they are nice to have anyway.

Apple has improved their call handling since the last time I tried this. I had previously found trying to juggle a couple of calls to be a problem, not with the iPhone 6s.

Siri can do some stuff at least as well as Cortana (and Cortana is supposed to be coming to iPhone soon)

The Bad

The battery on the iPhone 6s has very short legs. My 1520 could talk my Plantronics headset under the table, with the iPhone 6s the phone is in the danger zone while the headset still has 3 hours of talk time left. Grabbing a bit of charge here and their (even in the car) is much more important here than with the 1520 (which could be pressed to 2 days sometimes). I keep a couple of spare battery powerbanks around, I now expect to be using them.

Not having separate icons for each email account is a major step backward. Having them lumped into one email app is not entirely what I would call acceptable. I will have to work more on this, possibly even getting another app for the lesser emails.

You can’t voice dial a number from Siri, nor take messages. On the other hand Cortana’s ability here seems to come and go depending on which rev you are talking to.

I figure I will continue using the iPhone 6s until the end of the year (at least) when (hopefully) the W10m version will be stable and the new 950xl will be out. After that, may the best phone win.