Got a call at 5pm on a Friday.  Company having problems with a MKD motor rotating backwards on a DKC11.3 drive. Having been here before and being able to distinguish a hawk from a handsaw, I already know the answer to the question I ask. “Is this motor a 3rd party repair?”

If you take a thousand new and a thousand factory repaired MKD motors and attach them one at a time to the same drive, they will all rotate the same direction for forward and backward. It’s one of the things about Indramat Digital drives and motors, the combination of part numbers and parameters always gives you the same results, no matter how many different ones you use.

Third party repairs, are, like the direction the motor will run, a crapshoot. In this case, the motor is running backwards, and the drive is happy with that, so he has TWO things messed up. Then we get to the third thing. He doesn’t have software or a cable. So no backup parameters, no way to change the parameters and no way to look at what the motor is doing.

As my old chemistry professor used to say, “Those who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know”