So in the 30 years or so so that I have been doing this, third party repair houses have (I thought) burned out all of the awe at their stupidity. I am, however, pleased to report that my sense of wonder has not been completely jaded out of me. I get a call today from a third party outfit who starts off with “We have an emergency”. I already know who these people are ( and I am astonished that the 9 lines I have blocked already are not the only lines they call out on), so I am already primed to say “no parts are salable. Then I am astonished…

“We have a RAC 2.2 drive here that we have in on an emergency from the customer and we need a manual for it to start the repair”

So they took the drive in for emergency repair, represented that they could DO that repair, I assume even gave them a price (or a price range) all without not only not knowing how they were going to fix it, but also without even having a MANUAL for the drive (or knowing where they could find one).

Their customer is SOOOOO SCREWWWED.