With the Indradrive product, you get a whole new range of error reporting (as evidenced by the 5 digit error codes, one more than the earlier Diax04 product). Some of these errors are the same (F8022 is the same as F822 in Diax04 and 22 in Diax02, it’s always the feedback cable), some of these errors are more granular than before. Sometimes there is a whole new class of error.  Safety warnings are part of this new class. E3xxx series errors have to do with Safety Technology add-ons to the drives, options that allow the use of more positive safety control. Some of these errors show that there is a problem in the external safety wiring (E3100 is an example of this) or a problem in the safety hardware itself. These errors have to be approached with some caution, as this falls into the same class of problems as an Estop failure, something that must be resolved properly for the safe operation of the machine.

Proper repair of these units is also critical. Compare the cost of an injury with the cost savings from using a 3rd party repair shop, the choice will be clear.